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Gang Of Four, At Home He’s A Tourist Single UK, back, 1979

Was just listening to this the other day!

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The original episode that started it all. 
With a new score and music by Pink Mountaintops! 
Created by: Adam O. Thomas and S. Siobhan McCarthy 
Directed by Peter DeLuise 
red trike media inc

NEW EPISODEs starting FEBRUARY 28th 2014!!!!

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Kim, Jesse’s ex, talks about her Valentine’s Day Experiences in PARKED. 
Julia Benson as Kim 
Peter Benson as Peter 
David Lewis as Jesse

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Tim (Kirby Morrow) and Jenn (S. Siobhan McCarthy) of PARKED discuss their Valentine’s Day, the commercialization of love and their struggles to be romantic. 
Created by Adam O. Thomas & S. Siobhan McCarthy

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Davinder (Sean Amsing) and Christine (Sonja Bennett) of PARKED discuss Valentine’s Day and how its their favourite day of the year. 
Created by Adam O. Thomas and S. Siobhan McCarthy 
red trike media inc.

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Josh (Matty Granger) of PARKED loves Valentine’s Day because he has “never not gotten laid on Valentine’s Day” 

Created by Adam O Thomas & S. Siobhan McCarthy 
red trike media inc.

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A contemporary coming of age comedy for adults about a group of friends who find themselves at an emotional and personal crossroads as they struggle to come to terms with who they were, who they are and who they need to be.

**We once were DADS, but now are PARKED. Same great web series, just a new name. 

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Because Life Doesn’t Go In Reverse.

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Cruel Granville Street Homeless Kicking Is No One-Off: Video of man paying to assault a panhandler fits a disturbing trend in abuse of the marginalized.

By Sean Condon (Megaphone/The Tyee)

I’ll fuck you up,” the man screams at the homeless panhandler as he rears back to kick him in the groin.

Clearly, he wants to hurt him. Badly. After all, he just offered to pay the panhandler $50 for the privilege of doing so.

But as the heavyset man’s leg goes flying, the panhandler flinches and the target is missed.

Dissatisfied, the man retrieves his money from the ground. Another low-income man offers himself up as a victim for the cash reward, and the violence repeats.

The disturbing video of a late night Granville Street partier offering two low-income men money to be assaulted was widely covered by the media and shared on social media last week.

Even though both men volunteered for the abuse, one has an awful feeling watching the video. That’s because the man inflicting the brutal kicks and verbal abuse is exploiting a vulnerable person’s desperation for his own entertainment. Indeed, the second victim told CBC he did it for food money. 

We understand that this kind of violence is cruel, vicious and demeaning, but it’s also a growing trend in our cities. As homelessness has increased in Canada and United States over the past decade, so too has the number of violent attacks against them.

Pushed to the margins of society with few rights or protections, homeless people are increasing finding themselves prey, in particular to the aggressions of young men.

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Emergency planning sessions are being held to determine the best way in which our members can welcome Hotel Vancouver’s iconic Panorama Roof Ballroom back into existence after a temporary re-opening was announced yesterday by Scout Magazine. Fitting, since in 1984 premier Mike Harcourt declared February 3rd “Dal Richards’ Day.”

This legendary venue, 15 floors above the corner of Burrard and Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver, has been sitting in the dark since it quietly closed sometime during the mid 90’s, and has since only opened for rare, private functions.

While the rest of the city skyline has caught up to its once infamous height, The Roof has been waiting to reclaim the command it had over Vancouver’s nightlife for almost a half century. Today, the view from its bar might not fall under the description of panoramic, but however high Vancouver’s skyline climbs, nothing can obscure the window this room has on Vancouver’s past, due largely in part to its connection with the King of Swing, Dal Richards.

It’s almost impossible to mention The Roof without the MC that headlined Saturday nights for a legendary run that began in 1940 and spanned 25 years as Dal Richards and his Orchestra took to the stage and week after week, played his way into the Vancouver history books.

For our members and other people who care about this stuff, the opportunity to take a drink or two in one of Vancouver’s last standing, most renowned beverage rooms has us kicking around the possibilities of celebrating this event in a unique way, with our signature style — initial thoughts have Dal playing The Roof on April 26th (or was it May 1st?) this Spring, 74 years to the day he did it for the first time. Of course this would include making him an honorary member of the Revelry Society.

The party won’t last long though, because come the end of summer, 2014 the lounge on the lobby level will re-open after a much needed facelift, and this valuable portal to our past, will once again close.

Leading up to the re-opening we’ll be posting memories, sights, and sounds that were captured in this magical place since it opened since it opened in 1939, so stay tuned.

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Chromeo ft. Toro Y Moi - Come Alive

The best song of 2k14 got a dope video.

Sexy mannequins y’all